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Wealthswise Commercial Banking

We’re building solutions for your company’s evolving needs.

What we offer

Our Wealthswise Commercial Banking team creates end-to-end financial solutions to support your business’ financial needs at every stage of your company’s growth. We help companies finance growth, manage cash flow, increase efficiency and mitigate risk.

Business Solutions

We provide solutions as comprehensive and diverse as the needs of your business.


Areas of Specialization

Our team provides expertise on a range of specialized industries and business segments.

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Protect your business from fraud

Discover how scammers target your money and information. Use our prevention tips to keep your organization and employees safe.

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Commercial Mortgages

As one of the largest lenders of commercial mortgages in Canada, we can help your business with mortgage loans of $1,000,000 or more

Key Benefits


Our staff has the knowledge of local market conditions and experience to help you make informed decisions about your commercial mortgage

Competitive rates

We offer competitive interest rates on fixed and variable-rate mortgages

Wealthswise can help with your company's real estate financing needs if:

  • Your company requires financing for new development, mergers or acquisitions, restructuring, and/or private placement
  • Your company currently owns or leases its facilities
  • Your company has specialized facilities and/or location requirements
  • Your current facility/structure cannot accommodate future growth


Choices include, but are not limited to, a 3, 5, 7, or 10 year term on a fixed-rate closed or variable rate mortgage

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