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Log in to your online banking account or visit your bank's nearest branch.

Log in to your online banking account or visit your bank's nearest branch.

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Send money to over 120 countries using Wealthswise Global Money Transfer™ and pay no transfer fee.

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What we do to make sure our products and services are accessible to all.

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Moving And Living Abroad Just Got Simpler Get Paid Like A Local

Are you considering the exciting prospect of moving and living abroad? We're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking solution that simplifies your international experience: "Get Paid Like a Local

  • Send money cheaper and easier than old-school banks.
  • Spend abroad without the hidden fees.
  • Move money between countries for salary & more.
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Sending 1,000.00 GBP With image image image image image
Recipient Gets (Total after fees) 1,163.98 EUR Save up to 37.14 EUR 1,163.98 EUR -81.024 EUR 1,163.98 EUR -81.024 EUR 1,163.98 EUR -81.024 EUR 1,163.98 EUR -81.024 EUR
Transfer Fee 1.0539874 (First 5 fee-free) 1.0539874 1.0539874 1.0539874 1.0539874
Exchange Rate (1 GBP → EUR) 5.026 Mid-market rate 5.026 5.026 5.026 5.026
Total Cost 5.026 5.026 5.026 5.026 5.026
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The Reliable, Cheap & Fastest Way To Send Money Abroad

To bring "Faster and Cheaper" to life, we have invested in cutting-edge technology that enhances the overall banking experience

Faster And Cheaper

  • With our "Faster and Cheaper" banking model, we have streamlined our processes to ensure quicker transaction times.
  • Financial well-being is important to us, and we believe that banking services should be accessible to all.

Trusted & Secure

  • We leave no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding your financial interests.
  • With "Trusted & Secure," we want you to experience banking with confidence.

Plan an escape, redeem for something special or get cash back

Your everyday purchases can do more for you. Collect and multiply rewards with the right Wealthswise credit card.

Managing Cash Flow

Wealthswise offers a full range of services to meet your complex cash management needs.

Our solutions are designed to help optimize your cash flow position and contribute to the effective management of your business' day to day operations.

Financing Your Business

We’re committed to providing you with flexible business solutions, dedicated business expertise and timely advice.

Your Relationship Manager will tailor a custom borrowing solution to your specific business needs and will help you get access to financing when you need it.

Day-to-Day Banking

Wealthswise offers full-service commercial solutions for banking in Canadian or U.S. funds. Learn more about how our solutions can suit your day-to-day commercial banking needs.

Protect your business from fraud

Discover how scammers target your money and information. Use our prevention tips to keep your organization and employees safe.

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